American Maps

Alaska: a beautiful, coastal wilderness with plenty of mines - find gold deposits near the mountains.

Settlements: Nootka
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Amazonia: fight along the mighty Amazon River.

Settlements: Maya, Tupi, Zapotec
Outlaws: Pirate, Pistolero
Andes: The Inca can prove a powerful ally, but watch out for the warlike Huari.

Settlements: Mapuche
Outlaws: Pistolero, Comanchero, Renegado
Andes-Upper: teams begin exceptionally close to each other - perfect for the Treaty game mode.

Settlements: Incas
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Araucania: fight along the western coast of South America.

Settlements: Mapuche
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero
Arctic Territories
Arctic Territories: a desolate land in the Arctic archipelago - wind, snow and ice aplenty.

Settlements: -
Outlaws: Pistolero, Comanchero
Baja California
Baja California: two opposing shorelines are divided by a mountain range with several chokepoints.

Settlements: Navajo
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Bayou: swampland with limited space for settlements.

Settlements: Seminoles, Cherokee
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
California is a beautiful area along the Pacific Ocean. Towering redwoods line the shore, giving way first to mountains, then to the Mojave Desert to the east. Two Native settlements of Klamath and/or Nootka are on opposite map sides, and there are always four Trading Post sites along the Trade Route.

Settlements: Klamath, Nootka
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Caribbean: a collection of islands in warm ocean waters.

Settlements: Caribs
Outlaws: Pirate
Carolina: start with extra resource crates on this coastal map.

Settlements: Seminoles, Cherokee
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero, Renegado
Cascade Range
Cascade Range: A snowy valley with very limited resources and treasures.

Settlements: Klamath, Nootka
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Colorado: a frosty mountainous region with a trading route that meanders through chokepoints.

Settlements: Comanche
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Dakota: two dusty red mesas occupy the center of wide-open prairies.

Settlements: Comanche, Cree
Outlaws: Renegado, Pirate
Florida: players begin on the coast with a market and spawn on top of the trading route.

Settlements: Seminoles, Caribs
Outlaws: Pirate
Gran Chaco
Gran Chaco: wild llamas and plenty of wildlife roam the South American Chaco Plain.

Settlements: Tupi
Outlaws: Pistolero, Pirate
Great Lakes
Great Lakes: large lakes surrounded by a single circular trade route.

Settlements: Cree, Huron, Cheyenne
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Great Plains
Great Plains: home of many Natives and plenty of Food.

Settlements: Comanche, Cheyenne
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Hispaniola: a large island surrounded by warm tropical seas.

Settlements: Caribs
Outlaws: Pirate
Mexico: a lengthy trading route passes through a large central mesa.

Settlements: Navajo, Apache, Zapotec, Maya
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero
New England
New England: unspoiled wilderness with central lakes and an offshore island.

Settlements: Huron, Cherokee
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado, Pirate
Northwest Territory
Northwest Territory: a green and rainy region divided by rivers with shallow crossings.

Settlements: Nootka, Klamath
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Ozarks: Dense thickets filled with wildlife dot this rolling terrain.

Settlements: Cheyenne, Comanche, Cherokee
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Painted Desert
Painted Desert: Open desert with plentiful resources but no trade route.

Settlements: Apache, Navajo
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero
Pampas: a long grassy plain divided by a river with shallow crossings.

Settlements: Tupi, Mapuche
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero
Pampas Sierras
Pampas Sierras: Wild llamas roam the mountains to the West - there are many Mapuche settlements but no trading routes.

Settlements: Mapuche
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero
Patagonia: continent with Trade Routes, but no Natives.

Settlements: -
Outlaws: Pirate, Comanchero
Plymouth: A bountiful land of natural treasures and grateful Pilgrims.

Settlements: Huron
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Rockies: teams are separated by a resource-rich valley.

Settlements: Cheyenne, Comanche
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Saguenay: a coastal region with plenty of resources. It may be summer or winter.

Settlements: Cree, Huron
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Sonora: cliffs and valleys, and a winding trade route.

Settlements: Maya, Apache, Navajo
Outlaws: Pistolero, Comanchero
Texas: an open plain with some cliffs and two Trade Routes.

Settlements: Comanche, Apache
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Yucatan: dense jungles and nearby natives.

Settlements: Zapotec, Maya
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero, Pirate
Yukon: A region of snowy trees and frosty blizzards! Find gold mines and plenty of treasure across the ice-cool river.

Settlements: Cree, Nootka
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero