Large Maps

Lrg Carolina
Carolina: start with extra resource crates on this coastal map.

Settlements: Seminoles, Cherokee
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero, Renegado
Lrg Deccan
Lrg Deccan: A central, forested plateau overlooking a series of strategically placed trade sites.

Settlements: Udasi, Sufi, Bhakti
Outlaws: Marathan Dacoit, Marathan Thuggee, Marathan Catamaran
Lrg Great Plains
Great Plains: home of many Natives and plenty of Food.

Settlements: Comanche, Cheyenne
Outlaws: Comanchero, Renegado
Lrg Saguenay
Saguenay: plenty of resources and good fishing.

Settlements: Cree, Huron
Outlaws: Pistolero, Renegado
Lrg Siberia
Lrg Siberia: A frozen river divides the map, and a Trade Route runs along the southern edge, with plentiful hunting among the great forests.

Settlements: -
Outlaws: Wokou Horesman, Wokou Ronin
Lrg Silk Road
Lrg Silk Road: Travel the legendary Trade Route, capturing existing Trading Posts. You begin with a free Market.

Settlements: Bhakti, Shaolin, Sufi, Udasi, Zen
Outlaws: Marathan Dacoit, Marathan Catamaran, Wokou Horesman, Wokou Monk
Lrg Sonora
Sonora: cliffs and valleys, and a winding trade route.

Settlements: Maya, Apache, Navajo
Outlaws: Pistolero, Comanchero
Lrg Yellow River
Lrg Yellow River: A wet-dry region similar to the Yellow River, but on a much grander scale.

Settlements: Shaolin, Zen
Outlaws: Wokou Horesman, Wokou Monk